Dr. Dayton Hancock

BIO Dr. Dayton is a Sports Recovery and Rehabilitation specialist with a strong passion for getting patients back to performing at their highest potential. Graduating with a degree in Exercise Science at Schreiner University, before attending Texas Chiropractic College, he has always had a fascination with the biomechanics of the body and how we, as humans, move. Dr. Dayton has been an avid multisport athlete his entire life, beginning at age four with soccer and baseball then playing tennis for Allen High School and at the collegiate level for Schreiner. After college, he turned his focus to optimizing time spent in the gym for training. With over 8 years of experience in the gym, Dr. Dayton spent 2 years as a personal trainer helping people perfect their lifting technique in the gym and decrease their chance for injury. Whether you’re a professional athlete, desk jockey, weekend warrior, or just curious about the art of chiropractic, Dr. Dayton can help you restore your Pure Motion!

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